Hi. I'm Miranda.
I develop and design websites.

Location: Pittsburgh PA
Check out my stuff.

What's my Experience?

As a developer I have built, customized, and designed several websites. Some have been from scratch using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, most have been through WordPress with a few other CMS types here and there. Below are a few pieces of my work and contributions.

MBM Contracting

MBM Contracting

Goal: Update homepage design and provide additional features and functions.

Solution: Create child-theme to decrease dev time and utilize current branding, styles and functionality.

Site: mbmcontracting.com

Allegheny Conference 2017 Annual Report

2017 Annual Report

Goal: Recreate SquareSpace site to decrease annual costs.

Solution: Built site using HTML5, CSS3, JQuery and Gulp to create a responsive and optimized website.

Site: annualreport2017.alleghenyconference.org

Great Lakes Metro Chambers Coalition

Great Lakes Metro Chambers Coalition

Goal: Redesign and develop an updated website within a tight timeline and budget.

Solution: Used a bootstrap framework to deliver a mobile friendly website within given timeline.

Site: greatlakesmetrochambers.com

Clarity Wellness and Performance Pittsburgh


Goal: Create a site that client could easily update and maintain independently.

Solution: Used SquareSpace to provide client with all needed tools in one spot.

Site: claritypgh.com

2020 Women on Boards Pittsburgh

2020 Women on Boards Pittsburgh

Goal: Create a single page site to promote organization's campaign movement and provide ticket sales for events.

Solution: Built site using HTML5, CSS3, JS to create an appealing, responsive website.

Site: 2020wobpgh.com

Energy Alliance of Greater Pittsburgh

Energy Alliance of Greater Pittsburgh

Goal: Update design and layout of WordPress site.

Solution: Built new custom theme to deliver new look and functionality needed for site and blog.

Site: energyalliancegreaterpittsburgh.org

Regional Transportation Alliance of Southwestern Pennslyvania

Regional Transportation Alliance

Goal: Create new site with updated design and layout.

Solution: Built new custom WordPress theme to give website the updated look and appeal to generate more subscribers to newsletter and provide news on region's related transportation announcements.

Site: regionaltransportationalliance.org

P32 Site Development Fund

P32 Site Development Fund

Goal: Provide an updated and responsive site.

Solution: Built single page site using HTML5, CSS3, JS to create an appealing and mobile friendly website.

Site: p32sitefund.com



Goal: Create a responsive website with an updated design that users can easily maintain and update.

Solution: Built custom WordPress theme to provide requested look and functionality desired for site.

Site: athena-pittsburgh.com

More Stuff.

Below are few additional projects I have worked over the years. I always like to experiment and learn new things and often times this is how I do it.

murkat's tracks

murkat's tracks

Goal: To allow users to search for songs by title, artist or album name and display the results in a user friendly interface.

Solution: Used jQuery to make an AJAX call to pull in music with a LASTFM API.

Site: murkat's tracks

A Gift from Him

A Gift from Him

Goal: Create a site to allow users to select various items for a gift basket.

Solution: Utilized JavaScript to provide an easy and convenient service for users.

Site: A Gift from Him

Knock-Out Logo


Goal: Create and e-commerce site that sells footbags and allow users to add/remove items from cart.

Solution: Used PHP with MySQL to create a database that records footbag inventory.

Site: Knock-Out

Yoga You logo

Yoga You

Goal: Create a site for a yoga studio that provides class schedule and contact information.

Solution: Used WordPress so potential client could easily apply content updates and create new pages independently.

Site: Yoga You

Who am I?

I am a web developer based in Pittsburgh and I work at a non-profit where I design, build, and maintain websites with help from an awesome communications team. Occasionally, I attend company events as an in-house photographer which allows me to get out of the office and stretch my legs. Some of these photos can be viewed on my Flickr page.

I obtained my web degree at Pittsburgh Technical Institute (now Pittsburgh Technical College) in 2015. Since then I have been developing and designing on a regular basis for my day job and for freelance. I really love what I do.

My other interests include a good video or board game, weight training, yoga, movies, reading an adventure or thriller series and trying to find the best buffalo chicken pizza that Pittsburgh has to offer.

Fun Facts.

I like to develop websites of all shapes, sizes, colors and platforms.

I make sure my websites are responsive and kind to all devices.

I enjoy lifting and yoga. Both keep me healthy and happy. (:

I love Buffalo Chicken Pizza and I hope to try every pizza shop in the Burgh!

Need to Know More?

If you have questions or would like to talk web, a good address to contact me at is mknee123@gmail. You can also visit my GitHub page to view some of my work.